Raab Acquires Great Civil War Collection

The Raab Collection announced today that it has acquired and is offering for sale an important collection of Civil War documents, a collection assembled in the middle of the 20th century, containing unpublished letters not offered for sale in generations. Among them:

– Battlefield letters of Grant and Sherman;

– Statements on the life and legacy of Abraham Lincoln, including from General Sherman;

– A lengthy letter from Harriet Beecher Stowe showing the personal toll of the war and her role in it;

– Important telegrams relating the end of the Civil War, carried via flag of truce from Johnston to Sherman;

– An early legal document from Abraham Lincoln’s first law partnership, when he was 29 years old;

– Letters of other figures, among them Edwin Stanton to General Meade at Gettysburg, William Lloyd Garrison on slavery, Admiral Dahlgren on the sinking of a USS monitor, etc…

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