John F. Kennedy

John F. Kennedy autographs are valued for the spirit that his Presidency brought to the country. Signed letters are collected during his time in Congress, but the best and most inspiring are those as President.

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About Collecting John F. Kennedy Autographs

JFK wrote out some letters himself when he was young, but after that almost always had them typed. Between 1945 and 1963, JFK's signature both evolved with time and produced variant forms at the same time. He had a youthful signature, and a number of examples each of congressional, senatorial and presidential signatures.

The letters he wrote or dictated himself are usually concise and his own voice clearly shines through. He was never chatty or verbose. Kennedy was an energetic, humorous, appealing man who was very popular and imparted his style to his short-lived era. Then he died young in the worst crime since Lincoln’s assassination. For these reasons, many people who see his manuscripts are moved by them.