Theodore Roosevelt

Roosevelt autographs and historical documents are actively collected, especially dating from his time as commander of the Rough Riders through his leading the Progressive Party. His letters are rich in interest. In the 1890s he started using a typewriter.

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About Collecting Theodore Roosevelt Autographs

Theodore Roosevelt remade the presidency, and indeed the nation, in his own image. On the domestic front, he instituted progressive policies, and in foreign affairs brought the U.S. to world prominence. In the 1880's TR still wrote out his own letters but in the 1890's adopted the typewriter. Thereafter he continued to write his own letters on occasion, but these were usually brief notes that he penned on cards. The rest were typed for his signature. However, he realized perhaps more than any other president that the personal touch mattered, so on many of the typed letters, he changed a word or two or added at least an exclamation point in his own hand, as a way of showing that he gave his recipient's letter his personal attention.

TR’s letters have a range of contents, but were always full of energy. His many fine ones were a throwback to the great correspondences of his early predecessors: he was as high-toned as Washington, as analytical as Adams, as philosophical as Jefferson, and on occasion, as blunt as Jackson. No president since has written better letters. It must be said, however, that after the Progressive Party failed and World War I set in, his letters were often a bitter litany of complaints.