William Taft

President who was happiest as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, his letters are interesting on topics of both politics and law.

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About Collecting William Taft Autographs

By the time William H. Taft came to national attention as civil administrator of the Philippines in 1900, the era of ALS's was in the past. The vast majority of his letters were typed, with a peppering of ones he wrote out himself. Few of the latter are significant. Taft was a genial man whose correspondence was often good-natured and insightful, and a frank man not afraid to say what he thought, sometimes to the point of making startlingly unexpected statements. Letters are usually signed “William H. Taft” but examples signed “W.H. Taft” are seen as well.

Taft’s presidency was consumed with his feud with his former patron, Theodore Roosevelt, after he veered away from TR’s model and began undoing some of his reforms. He had little hope of reelection when Roosevelt decided to run against him in 1912.