Andrew Jackson

Autographs and historical documents signed by Andrew Jackson, whether in his role as military commander, president, or otherwise, reflect the strength and leadership style for which he is known. His writing is large, bold, and full of energy.

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About Collecting Andrew Jackson Autographs

Andrew Jackson was a self-made man who prided himself on his blunt honesty and sense of honor, and this, combined with the fact that he was much taken with himself, gives his letters a uniquely robust and direct quality. He wrote them himself whenever possible, and his writing is large and masterly. Some of his letters are in the hand of his nephew, Andrew Jackson Donelson. As an army general, Jackson was used to giving orders and having them obeyed. His letters are like holding a mirror to the man, and despite his lack of education, he has some interesting turns of phrase.

Jackson was an enemy of all forms of privilege and saw himself as representing the common man against them. He founded the Democratic Party, the first modern American political party, and as president greatly increased the powers and scope of the office.