William Henry Harrison

One of the most successful U.S. generals in the War of 1812, he died after just one month as President. His historical documents and signed letters as military leader are not uncommon but those as President are very rare.

About Collecting William Henry Harrison Documents

William Henry Harrison seems to have done less writing than his predecessors, as letters from any period of his life are uncommon. His surviving correspondence indicates that as a military man, his orders were often written by aides for his signature, while in his later offices as governor of the Indiana Territory, congressman and senator from Indiana, he wrote his own letters. They were generally short and without much to say.

However, on occasion, a good content letter will appear in which Harrison laid out his thoughts in profusion, going on and on and on without any hint that he knew when enough was enough. His inaugural address was that way, and reading it through led to his contracting the illness that led to his death after just one month in the White House.