Ulysses S. Grant

18th President of the United States Ulysses Grant served as a commanding general in the Civil War, leading Union Armies to victory and named Secretary of War by President Andrew Johnson. Grant's anti-corruption efforts were marked by scandal, while the country suffered economic depression.

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About Collecting Ulysses S. Grant Autographs

Ulysses S. Grant's letters prior to the Civil War are scarce. He was in the position of commander throughout the conflict and chose to mainly communicate by letter, writing almost all them himself. There are also many endorsements, some of which bear secretarial text above his signature. Grant's wartime letters show a man constantly gathering information on which to base his decisions, then issuing orders.

After the war, secretaries would sometimes write out his correspondence, but he retained a decided preference for handling his own, even during his presidency. The letters are seldom long or reflective and never philosophical, but they are varied and can be interesting and contain his candid opinions. All are signed “U.S. Grant.” President Grant’s administration is often associated with corruption, to which he seemed insensitive as it went on around him. However, that is far from the whole story.