Alexander Hamilton

The most important cabinet member in U.S. history, he helped pass the U.S. Constitution and establish the nation's financial system.

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Alexander Hamilton held many significant United States public posts throughout his lifetime. He served under Gen. George Washington during the Revolutionary War, which led to his appointment as our nation’s first Secretary of the Treasury. He is perhaps the most important cabinet member in U.S. history, due to helping pass the U.S. Constitution and establishing the nation's financial system. He later became Inspector of the U.S. Army and had a leading law practice. During these tenures, he communicated through letters, to many different notable subjects. Important signed documents exist. Recent acclaimed biographies and a titular Broadway play have led to his rising popularity. Alexander Hamilton’s autograph is increasingly in demand, and therefore more scarce on the market.

Depending on the purpose of the letter, his handwriting and signature have different characteristics. His personal correspondence has a distinctive slant to the right, with a hurried look to the letters themselves. He may have casually signed these “AH” or “Alex Hamilton”. More formal letters would include his title, such as Secretary of the Treasury” or his military rank, underneath “Alexander Hamilton” or “A. Hamilton.”