Raab Collection is a world-renowned historical document buyer and dealer. Ready to sell a signed historical document or letter, rare book, or medieval manuscript? Prominent families and sellers have trusted Raab for decades to establish the authenticity of historical documents and autographs, from the modern era to the Middle Ages, and to handle the most prestigious and important of private historical sales.

Selling Autographs, Historical Documents, Books, & Manuscripts

We respect the buyer, seller, and the documents.

Have a historical document or a collection to sell? We have had the privilege of introducing to the market some truly significant collections and individual pieces. Historical documents of famous people are family heirlooms, which descendents of the writers and recipients, as well as collectors, often chose to sell. They select us to handle or purchase these treasures because of our reputation, understanding of the market, appreciation of the history, and the financial rewards.

We have also represented many national institutions in the sale and purchase of historical documents. If you have autographs for sale, whether single items, small groups or collections, please contact us. All offers are subject to seeing the original. We are respected for our integrity, fairness and prompt payment.

Families We've Worked With

The time is now approaching when I shall wish to be parceling off some of my lands here to my grandchildren.

Thomas Jefferson

The Raab Collection, on behalf of descendants of Thomas Jefferson, sold the former President's final letter home to his daughter before leaving the White House for Monticello.

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My years are limited. I can tell you what it’s like to have regrets over things I did or didn’t do before my parents left this earth. I don’t want you to face that.

Ronald Reagan

When the Reagan family decided to sell some family treasures, they turned to The Raab Collection. We acquired powerful letters of Reagan to his children, showing the love and character of this President.

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If we had a man in this country, whom all the people could say was honest and sincere, we would rally behind him with such force that no country would dare attack us.

Dwight D. Eisenhower

The Raab Collection acquired, directly from the Eisenhower family, hundreds of private and important letters from Dwight to his older brother Edgar, dating from his time in combat, through the Presidency, and into his retirement.

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As Operation Torch Concludes...

Shall the prejudices and paralysis of slavery continue to hang upon the skirts of progress?

William Henry and Benjamin Harrison

The direct descendants to Benjamin and William Henry Harrison sold their entire retained archive to The Raab Collection, including his original Congressional Gold Medal, given to him for his service during the War of 1812. Among them were books belonging to Benjamin Harrison, not the President but the Signer of the Declaration of Independence.

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The War of 1812, as in the Revolutionary War, their [the British] conquests were never more than of the spot on which their army stood, never extended beyond the range of their cannon shot

William H. Crawford

The Raab Collection acquired perhaps the most important early American archive to reach the market in recent decades. The archive of William H. Crawford was sold by the direct descendants to Raab in its entirety.

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Some Families We've Worked With

  • Gerald Ford
  • William Henry and Benjamin Harrison
  • F. Scott. Fitzgerald
  • William H. Crawford
  • Father of the Nuclear Navy, Hyman Rickover
  • General John Glover of the American Revolution
  • Martin Van Buren
  • Ronald Reagan
  • Dwight Eisenhower
  • Thomas Jefferson
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