John Q. Adams

Secretary of State under James Monroe, John Q. Adams wrote the Monroe Doctrine. He was a visionary, nationalistic president, and spent his later years leading the fight against slavery.

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About Collecting John Quincy Adams Autographs

John Quincy Adams was a lawyer, diplomat, secretary of state, president and congressman, resulting in a large correspondence. The letters, almost always written in his unique, tiny script, exhibit the intellectual qualities of this very learned man (if sometimes containing almost too much text and detail). Adams's entire pre-presidential career was spent practicing diplomacy and creating well-considered and carefully worded documentation and correspondence, and he never lost the habit of writing this way. Thus, you often have to read between the lines to determine what he is really getting at. His handwriting was consistent, but as he aged it took on an increasingly tremulous look and was shaky earlier than would seem usual for his years.

As president, Adams developed an extremely forward-looking agenda based on internal improvements and executive activism. However, he was a man before his time, and his vision was better suited to later ages.