John Tyler

The first vice president to assume the presidency upon the death of a president, his letters as President have become quite scarce.

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About Collecting John Tyler Autographs

John Tyler’s correspondence indicates an average volume of letters, distributed between routine and decent content, and a preference for writing the letters himself. However, his son John acted as his secretary and wrote some of the letters for his signature. His signature can be larger than his text, but that is by no means always the case. Great letters are few and far between, as are lengthy ones, as Tyler was no philosopher.

At one with the wealthy slave-holding interests, spiteful to opponents and primarily concerned that people be loyal to him personally, his letters as president often relate to firing office holders, getting back at those perceived as disloyal, and inserting his loyalists. At the end of his life, he was serving in the Confederate Congress, the only U.S. president to side with the South in the Civil War.