Lincoln’s “Authority” Letter and the Dawn of the Civil War

Each day, The Raab Collection buys and sells important pieces of history.  Today, Raab announced the acquisition and sale of 2 such historical documents. You can learn more about both documents below. Both have sold to private collectors.

Virginia Secedes and Forms Its Armed Forces to Fight the Union

On the day of secession, Virginia takes its first step toward military action, with former U.S. President John Tyler and 13 other secessionists recommending the appointment of noted General William Booth Taliaferro to lead Virginia’s urgently needed military forces.

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President Abraham Lincoln as Commander in Chief: “This is my authority”

Writing to Stanton, he laments the “fall” of the heroic young General George Bayard, killed at Fredericksburg, insisting on his authority to appoint Bayard’s aide-de-camp to the Regular Army.  Stanton defies him nonetheless.

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