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William Penn

The champion of freedom and democracy, city planner, negotiator with the native tribes, and Quaker, who founded the state of Pennsylvania and presided over its expansion.

Julia Grant

Wife of President and General Ulysses S. Grant

Andrew Johnson

The president who had to try and step into Lincoln's shoes and reunite the country. His letters of whatever date are uncommon.

Marc Chagall

Renowned artist.

Thomas Edison

Perhaps the most noted inventor, autographs relating to his scientific work or inventions are the most desirable. His signed photographs, because of his beautiful signature, can be wonderful as well.

Albert Einstein

Einstein's autographs and fascinating letters are among the most sought after in this field, and the collector will have interesting options from which to choose. He wrote extensively on topics of...

Nelson Rockefeller

Vice President, Governor, Philanthropist, and Public Servant

Samuel Francis Smith

Baptist minister and author of the lyrics to "My Country, 'Tis of Thee", which he entitled America.

William Pitt

William Pitt, called William Pitt the Elder by historians, was a British Whig statesman who led Britain during the French and Indian War

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