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Dominique Larrey

Napoleon's surgeon-in-chief and first modern surgeon; a medical innovator

Robert E. Lee

Revered Confederate general who has come to symbolize the Southern cause in the Civil War. His autographs and letters can be found for any period of his life, but the most interesting are from...

Noah Webster

US lexicographer, author of the first American dictionary of the English language.

James Buchanan

Buchanan was enmeshed in the antagonism between the North and South, as secession became a fact. His most interesting pieces relate to secession and the factors leading up to the Civil War. Also...

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell autographs have become increasingly uncommon. Those historical documents relating to his work with the telephone are even more difficult to find.

Joshua Lawrence Chamberlain

The hero of the 20th Maine and the Battle of Gettysburg

Andrew Johnson

The president who had to try and step into Lincoln's shoes and reunite the country. His letters of whatever date are uncommon.

Jimmy Carter

President whose administration's theme was advancement of human rights.

Franklin D. Roosevelt

FDR's autographs, letters and historical documents are often interesting, and reflect his leadership and the crises he faced, especially the Depression and World War II.

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