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Thomas Edison

Perhaps the most noted inventor, autographs relating to his scientific work or inventions are the most desirable. His signed photographs, because of his beautiful signature, can be wonderful as well.

Martin Van Buren

Van Buren's signed letters are often brief but can be quite blunt. He used secretaries in his legal practice and then again at the end of his life.

Eleanor Roosevelt

Eleanor Roosevelt autographs are often warm letters, some of which refer to her husband's attitudes towards life and response to his illness and the pressures of his job. Her humanitarian work can...

Mark Twain

Humorist and author of some of America's enduring classics. Twain's autograph appears both as his nom de plume and also as Samuel L. Clemens.

Jefferson Davis

Jefferson Davis autographs cover his term as President of the Confederate States of America, his service in the Mexican War, as Pierce's Secretary of State, and as Senator, as well as his postwar...

William Henry Harrison

One of the most successful U.S. generals in the War of 1812, he died after just one month as President. His historical documents and signed letters as military leader are not uncommon but those as...

Martha Washington

America's 1st First Lady

William Taft

President who was happiest as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, his letters are interesting on topics of both politics and law.

Frederic Remington

He created scenes of the West that captivated generations

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