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William Taft

President who was happiest as Chief Justice of the Supreme Court, his letters are interesting on topics of both politics and law.

General Nelson Miles

United States soldier who served in the American Civil War, Indian Wars, and the Spanish-American War. For the latter, he was commanding general of United States Army.

Marc Chagall

Renowned artist.

Civil War

A collection of Civil War Autographs from eye-witnesses and participants in the war's formative events. Please also visit Abraham Lincoln, US Grant, Robert E. Lee and others.

Henry Wadsworth Longfellow

Probably the best loved of American poets the world over.

Philip Sheridan

Union general during the Civil War

Robert E. Lee

Revered Confederate general who has come to symbolize the Southern cause in the Civil War. His autographs and letters can be found for any period of his life, but the most interesting are from...

Dwight D. Eisenhower

Autographs of Ike are obtainable from throughout his lifetime, with those from during World War II and his presidency generally being most desirable. He could write long, thoughtful and frank...

William T. Sherman

Sherman's autograph letters are found from both during and after the Civil War. They are often fascinating, rich in content and varied in nature.

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