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Noah Webster

US lexicographer, author of the first American dictionary of the English language.

James Monroe

You can find Monroe autographs and historical documents from all periods of his public life. He wrote many autograph letters, and some are full of valuable detail and plain talk. His handwriting...

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell

Alexander Graham Bell autographs have become increasingly uncommon. Those historical documents relating to his work with the telephone are even more difficult to find.

John J. Pershing

Commander of the United States Army in World War I. He rose to the highest rank ever held in the U.S. military, equivalent only to the posthumous rank of George Washington: General of the Armies.

Thomas Edison

Perhaps the most noted inventor, autographs relating to his scientific work or inventions are the most desirable. His signed photographs, because of his beautiful signature, can be wonderful as well.

Jefferson Davis

Jefferson Davis autographs cover his term as President of the Confederate States of America, his service in the Mexican War, as Pierce's Secretary of State, and as Senator, as well as his postwar...

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