Franklin Pierce

His autographs and historical documents are of particular interest during his term as President.

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About Collecting Franklin Pierce Autographs

Franklin Pierce was a ready and willing correspondent who wrote is own letters throughout his life (including as president, where he dispensed with secretaries for unofficial correspondence). His letters relate to the matters at hand and are seldom philosophical or very interesting. They show that he could be snide like John Tyler and enjoyed disparaging his opponents, while not shrinking from written statements illuminating his support for slavery. However, the occasional letter can be high-toned, as when he stood up publicly for equal rights for Catholics. In later life, he spilled a lot of ink attacking President Lincoln and his leadership in the Civil War.

As president, Pierce proved a northerner with southern convictions. He sought to appease the slaveholding class, even in the face of increasing insistence by in the North that the spread of slavery be stopped.