Zachary Taylor

Hero of the Mexican War who, as president, sought a solution to the slavery controversy. His letters are straight shooting and high-toned, though because of his short time in office, those as President are uncommon.

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About Collecting Zachary Taylor Autographs

Zachary Taylor does not seem to have enjoyed writing, as his letters are generally uncommon. He spent his entire pre-presidential career in the army and many of his documents and letters while in the service were written out by aides for his signature. They deal rather narrowly with military matters, though Mexican War letters can be of interest. Taylor was a straight-shooting and noninvasive man, but not of an intellectual bent. There are very few letters explaining his beliefs in detail, though a number of letters from the 1848 campaign express them simply and succinctly.

Once Taylor took office, he became the first president to routinely delegate the writing of his correspondence to secretaries, and the content of his presidential letters tends to be very routine. Taylor had a plan to resolve the crisis over slavery that was opposed by many slaveholders, and he opposed the Compromise of 1850. He died after just 16 months in office, and his descendants still believe he was murdered to get him out of the way.