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Nathan Raab

Nathan Raab is a principal at The Raab Collection and the author of the nonfiction book, The Hunt for History (Scribner, 2020), which the Wall Street Journal described as “treasure hunting in the fast lane.” Steven Raab is the founder of The Raab Collection and author of With the 3rd Wisconsin Badgers: The Living Experience of the Civil War Through the Journals of Van R. Willard. Together they wrote the definitive work on historical document authenticity, In the Presence of History.

The Raab Collection has appeared in international broadcast, print, and digital outlets including CNN, CBS, ABC, NBC, BBC, the Washington Post, Fox & Friends, USA Today, Business Insider, the Daily Mail, Barron’s, and elsewhere.

New York Times: “Abraham Lincoln Letter From Early Civil War Era Sells for $85,000

Wall Street Journal: “Civil War-Era Abraham Lincoln Letter Sells for $85,000

Washington Post: “Rare papers from assassination of President McKinley go on the market

Smithsonian: “Newly Discovered Papers from President McKinley’s Assassination Are For Sale

CNN: “Long-lost letter hints at George Washington’s financial struggles” 

Agence France-Presse: “Napoleon Letters from Russian Campaign on Sale

BBC: “Narnia Creator CS Lewis’s Letters to Children go on Sale” 

The Guardian:Victor Hugo’s Appeal for the Poor Goes up for Sale

Fox News: “Rare Reagan Letters to Hollywood Friend Reveal Life in the Oval Office…” 

Religion News Service: “Rare Einstein Letter Rebutting Biblical Creation Story for Sale

The Smerconish Podcast: Nathan discusses his latest discovery: an unknown, unpublished letter of Abraham Lincoln:

Smithsonian: “The Man Who Walked Around the World, Collecting the Autographs of the Rich and Famous” 

Wall Street Journal: “The Hunt for History: A Textual Detective

Fox & Friends: “Piece of History” Nathan Raab showcases the Congressional Gold Medal given to William Henry Harrison for helping win the War of 1812, which sold for $225,000:

ABC News: “Rare Thomas Jefferson Letter Found in Family’s Home for Sale for $325K” 

NBC News: “Missing Document Signed by Lincoln Accidentally Found at Pennsylvania College” 

Associated Press: “Lost JFK Assassination Tapes on Sale

Piers Morgan Tonight: Nathan appears with historian Douglas Brinkley, discussing the recently discovered JFK AF-1 tapes and their historical importance.

Published Works

Nathan’s recent book, The Hunt for History,  was hailed by bestselling author Jonathan Harr as “a fast and fascinating read.” His writing has also appeared in the New York Times, Forbes, and the Philadelphia Inquirer. 

What Albert Einstein’s Autograph to a Boy Can Teach us Today” –Forbes

In what form will you find Einstein’s signature? He signed lots of photographs, but almost all are inscribed to someone. So we look twice if there is no inscription. He liked to write little poems, and these come up for sale every now and then. He signed books, particularly ones written by him. But the vast majority of authentic Einstein letters on the market are letters sent to private individuals.

How We Authenticated this Autograph of Winston Churchill and How it Nearly Ended Up in the Trash” –Forbes 

8 Steps Experts Take to Tell if an Alexander Hamilton Autograph is Authentic” –Forbes (View Archive of Nathan’s Forbes columns)

Lincoln: War Management by Memo” –New York Times



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