Building a Collection

We find our passion in helping others build their historical collections. With our decades of experience, we have learned a few things about curating your collection and we have authored many posts on the subject. See below for more information and whether you are a seasoned collector or brand-new to the historical document world, we hope you this selection of articles will inspire you and your collection.

The world of historical autographs has unique terminology. Learn more by reading these articles:

Autograph Terminology

Learn about the six basic formats of autographs: letters, manuscripts, documents, signed photographs, signed books and signatures.

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Authenticating Documents

Raab principals are used to questioning evidence and digging for facts. You can also trust all of the documents we sell are authentic—but if you’re interested in learning more, read our collection of authenticating articles.

How do you know it’s real?

  1. Apply the Burden of Proof
  2. Ascertain the Provenance
  3. Check Consistency with Authentic Examples
  4. Make Sure the Paper, Pen and Ink Are Right
  5. Assess Dissimilarities and Idiosyncracies in the Writing
  6. Do a Forgery-Avoidance Inspection
  7. Check for Autopens and Computer-Generated Signatures
  8. Assess for Evidence of Secretaries or Stamps
  9. Assess for Evidence of Facsimile
  10. Consider Special Factors

Authenticating Autographs

The History of Collecting

The past defines the present, and history provides the window through which we view its incidents and personalities, determine its impact, and shape our understanding of where we are today.

Case Studies

Throughout our combined 50 years of experience in the historical document world, we have come across many unique circumstances and personal examples from figures throughout time that we want to share with you. Read on for some of the interesting cases we have encountered throughout our time, and learn more about the art form that is valuing and collecting historical autographs.

A Great Collection

Building a Great Collection Assembling a collection that spans the test of time requires an eye for the significant. This...

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A Spectacular Scientific Collection

A Spectacular Scientific Collection For over a decade, we have helped one of the country’s most prolific collectors of scientific...

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An Important Collection of Winston Churchill

An Important Collection of Winston Churchill For a generation, one collector put together the finest archive of Winston Churchill autographs,...

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The First American Autograph Dealer Catalog

In 1887, Walter R. Benjamin established a shop on Broadway selling autographs and manuscripts, quite likely the first such retail...

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