Learn About Collecting Historical Documents

Knowledge is the key to building a collection that stands the test of time.

Like in all fields, collecting historical documents is a more enriching and successful endeavor as you learn more.  Knowledge is the key.  This section is devoted to arming the collector with tools to help him or her.  We encourage you to ask questions.

To the right, you can learn about:

  • Authenticating autographs
  • The history of collecting
  • Tips we give to new collectors (coming soon)
  • What gives autographs their value
  • Collecting specific figures (coming soon)

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In The Presence of History

In the Presence of History is a large format, full color book with important advice, interesting facts and stories, and beautiful illustrations for those fascinated by historical autographs. It provides the tools people need to begin authenticating autographs for themselves, and also contains a thorough color study of the letters and documents of U.S. Presidents, with hundreds of color illustrations.

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