Raab in the Press: Mary Todd Lincoln Letter Discovery

Mary Todd Lincoln has recently reemerged in the public eye. A much-acclaimed Off-Broadway play about her called Oh, Mary! is headed to Broadway next month, following the depiction of her on Apple TV’s historical drama series, Manhunt. 

For our part, we at Raab unveiled a newly discovered, previously unknown letter of Mrs. Lincoln from 1864, which has earned national media attention over the past two weeks. 

From the history magazine All That’s Interesting: “Previously Unseen Mary Todd Lincoln Letter Sheds Light on the Controversial First Lady

Boston 7 News featured the letter on its nightly news broadcast: “Unearthed Mary Todd Lincoln Letter Up for Sale

On Fox Business: “Letter from Mary Todd Lincoln, newly discovered, shows rare side of former first lady, says expert

The news was also picked up by the New York Post and Mass Live.

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