Millard Fillmore

Fillmore's autograph letters can be unusually frank about his goals, feelings and motivations. Revealing letters can therefore be found relating to the slavery crisis.

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About Collecting Millard Fillmore Autographs

Millard Fillmore had a long career as lawyer and politician, and his letters run the gamut from routine to interesting, with the better ones all relating to political matters. He wrote more letters as president than his predecessor Zachary Taylor but continued his heavy reliance on secretaries. For a lawyer, Fillmore could be unusually frank about his goals, feelings and motivations, so some of his presidential correspondence is more revealing than prudent.

As president, Fillmore sought to defuse the boiling slavery crisis by supporting the Compromise of 1850 with its Fugitive Slave Law. This caused an eruption of opposition in the North, and instead of ameliorating the crisis, his policies aggravated it. His Whig Party disappeared, and in the next election he ran as the nominee of the No-Nothings.