Calvin Coolidge

Known as "Silent Cal" for his cool demeanor and sense of frugality, Calvin Coolidge served as the 30th President of the United States. His legacy includes fiscal conservatism, support for women's suffrage, and a pro-business stance that resonated strongly with the American middle class.

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About Collecting Calvin Coolidge Autographs

Calvin Coolidge was the first president born late enough to have spent his entire adulthood in the era of the typewriter, so although he wrote out his own letters from time to time, typed correspondence predominates throughout his life (as it does with his successors). His letters are usually brief and deal with the matters at hand; few tackle significant topics in a meaningful way. They are the written equivalent of his conversation, and he was not called “Silent Cal” for nothing. Although the president may have been quiet, the era over which Coolidge presided, the Jazz Age, was anything but.