John F. Kennedy

Trip to India in the Economic Times

posted on 04/21/2014

This Spring, we traveled to India and our visit received broad attention, including from the media.  Here is one such piece, from the Economic Times.

Collectors in India buy letters written by Mahatma Gandhi, John Kennedy for up to $500,0000

By Vijaya Rathore, ET Bureau | 18 Apr, 2014, 08.21AM IST

Discovery Channel Primetime Special Based on Raab Discovery

posted on 11/22/2013

The Discovery Channel special "JFK, the Lost Tapes" aired in conjunction with the 50th anniversary of the assassination.  This special was based on The Raab Collection's discovery of the lost Kennedy Air Force One Tapes, which is the most significant historical discovery around in the assassination in many years.  

This is another way in which our business discovers original history and contributes to the national historical dialogue.