The Landmark 1962 White House Guide Book


In 1961-1962, Jacqueline Kennedy set out to do what no other First Couple had done before: make the White House into a museum, return objects to the Presidential residence, and create a guide book to show the American public the White House.  This book was published and distributed for the first time in the latter part of 1962.  The First Edition, which had a green cover, consisted of 100 copies, which she gave to close friends and others who had worked on the project. We have found only two copies of this book to have reached the market, and only one of them was signed.  Both are with The Raab Collection.  Click below to visit those listings:

Signed by President and First Lady; Joan Braden’s copy:


With a letter of Jackie; Whitney Director Lloyd Goodrich’s copy:


The book was organized to show the creation of the President’s residence, “Life in the White House,” paintings, furniture and china in the White House, and other features.  It was gorgeous in presentation and required work from many within the historical and art worlds. Here is a taste of what lies inside.


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