Nathan Raab on Piers Morgan Tonight, CNN

You can watch the original clip of Nathan Raab of the Raab Collection.

We are frequently in the media for historical discoveries that range from Abraham Lincoln to Susan B. Anthony. Recently, The Raab Collection discovered a tape of the conversations on board Air Force 1 immediately following the assassination of John F. Kennedy.  The new tape is nearly 40 minutes longer, contains new code names and incidents, and predates the only other known version in the National Archives.  This announcement made news world wide this week.  Below is a small sample from Nathan’s live appearance on Monday on Piers Morgan Tonight on CNN with historian Douglas Brinkley and a feature with Brian Williams on NBC Nightly News.  The original tape can be purchased here and is a chance for a collector to own one of the most important historical finds related to Kennedy in decades.

Douglas Brinkley: “You can’t write about the Kennedy assassination without grappling with the contents of this tape.  This is a very serious find.”

CNN’s Piers Morgan on the discovery by the “noted historical document dealer”: “It’s an absorbing and compelling story.”

“A fascinating discovery” Brian Williams on NBC Nightly; “Thanks to new tapes…. we get to hear the machinery of government dealing with a shock to the system.”

Watch the clip: Piers Morgan invites Nathan live into the studio

Watch the clip: Brian Williams spoke passionately on NBC Nightly News

Charlie Rose covered it on CBS Morning News

Also covered by media around the world, including ABC and the BBC:

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