Trip to India in the Economic Times

This Spring, we traveled to India and our visit received broad attention, including from the media.  Here is one such piece, from the Economic Times.

Collectors in India buy letters written by Mahatma Gandhi, John Kennedy for up to $500,0000

By Vijaya Rathore, ET Bureau | 18 Apr, 2014, 08.21AM IST

Even in this age of social media, MK Gandhi's handwritten letters attract dedicated followers at home and abroad. Last week, his letters, along with those by legends like Abraham Lincoln, George Washington and Charles Robert Darwin, found their way to India with Nathan Raab, the second-generation owner of The Raab Collection, in search of prospective buyers.

During his first visit to India for a few private shows organised by a multinational bank and an educational institute,  Raab, who calls himself an art dealer dealing in history, has already found takers for the letters. Collectors here have acquired letters for prices ranging from $2,000 to $500,0000. Indians typically show interest in recognisable international names such as John Kennedy and Albert Einstein, besides Thomas Jefferson, he says.

"People who buy (letters) are at the top of wherever they are and look for leadership and qualities they associate themselves with," says Raab. India is not only a potential market, but also a sourcing destination for documents.

"Indians may have the material, but may not know how valuable it is," says Raab, who thinks the buyer base for his products is "very small" in India. "People have a lot of money, but do not know that something like this exists.”

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