Raab Announces the Acquisition of the Crawford Papers

The greatest archive of early American historical documents, fresh to the market, sold by a direct descendant of an important political figure, to come...

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This Document Has Found a Home at the Library of Congress

Anything signed by or in the hand of Meriwether Lewis is a great rarity.  The renowned explorer and aide to Thomas Jefferson was tasked...

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Behind the Scenes at Fox and Friends With Nathan Raab

Nathan Raab is a regular media presence, discussing topics relating to history and historical documents. Last month, he appeared on Fox and Friends to...

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The Founding Fathers Collection

Learn more about our curated collection of important and inspirational documents signed by 6 Founding Fathers. https://www.raabcollection.com/founding-fathers-historical-documents

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Nathan Raab on Fox News Live

[Video below] The Raab Collection appears regularly in national and international media.  This week, Nathan Raab sat down with Fox News’ David Lee Miller...

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Discovering Thomas Jefferson Historical Documents

Just in the last months, our firm has discovered several previously unknown or unlocated documents signed by Thomas Jefferson.  Situations like this happen every...

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Trip to India in the Economic Times

This Spring, we traveled to India and our visit received broad attention, including from the media.  Here is one such piece, from the Economic...

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Steven Raab Addresses the Lewis and Clark Trail Heritage Foundation

In 1803, President Thomas Jefferson notified Congress of his intent to send a mission west to explore the unknown portions of the American continent. ...

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Thomas Jefferson / Meriwether Lewis Document Display at the Rosenbach Museum

On Saturday, September 28, The Raab Collection lent its newly discovered historical document signed by Thomas Jefferson and Meriwether Lewis for a one-day exhibition...

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