George Washington

Behind the Scenes at Fox and Friends With Nathan Raab

Nathan Raab is a regular media presence, discussing topics relating to history and historical documents. Last month, he appeared on Fox and Friends to unveil a newly discovered letter of Abraham Lincoln. 

The Founding Fathers Collection

posted on 07/01/2014

Learn more about our curated collection of important and inspirational documents signed by 6 Founding Fathers.

George Washington's 1778 Letter, Nationwide Reporting

posted on 02/24/2014

The Raab Collection has announced that is offering for sale a rare letter of George Washington, written in 1778 to the recently liberated city of Philadelphia. 

Raab and the sale of the document has been featured in many national media outlets, among them Fox News, The Washington Post and ABC News.

In this letter, General Washington links the country's national goals to the spirit of the national capital.