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George Washington, John Adams, John Hancock and John Kennedy — some of the great names in American history — are up for sale. At least, their documents and signatures can be purchased when The Raab Collection, one of America’s foremost autograph and historical document dealers, holds its fall sale starting this week.

Among the documents for sale:

    President George Washington’s original address to the U.S. Senate: “The Nation Is Prosperous”

    A document signed by John Adams seeking to establish the first U.S. Embassy in Russia

    John Hancock and the Continental Congress in 1776 works to foster good relations with, and protect Native Americans sympathetic to the Revolution

    President George Washington writes to the United States Senate, building the U.S.’s first standing army

    President-elect John F. Kennedy thanks President Dwight D. Eisenhower for the smooth and successful transition between their administrations

“These uncommon original documents represent formative moments in the history of our nation,”said Nathan Raab, a Principal for the company.  “They would be a gem in any serious collection or public institution.

The Raab Collection is an internationally known and respected name in selling buying and preserving historical autographs and documents. Since the company was founded in 1989, Nathan Raab estimates they have bought, sold, appraised and preserved tens of thousands of documents.

Raab’s inventory of historical documents and autographs includes: George Washington and Thomas Jefferson, Abraham Lincoln and Robert E. Lee, Franklin Roosevelt and Winston Churchill, and Charles Lindbergh, Albert Einstein, John Kennedy and Ronald Reagan. The firm counts among its clients the Library of Congress, the British Library, serious collectors and everyday history enthusiasts. Raab also works with the descendants of notable historical families – Thomas Jefferson, Ronald Reagan, and Dwight D. Eisenhower – to find new caring homes for these historical papers.

The company was founded by Steven Raab, 66, a former lawyer with a keen interest in history. Collecting historical autographs (George Washington, Thomas Jefferson, Winston Churchill, etc.) became his obsession, and Steven turned that passion into a highly successful business. Today Raab, his son, Nathan, and daughter-in-law, Karen run the company, which is known internationally for selling, buying and preserving an inventory which spans over 300 years.

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