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The Scientific Signed Photograph Collection

posted on 01/19/2015

The Signed Photograph Collection of Noted Scientist and Inventor A. J. Liebman

This Document Has Found a Home at the Library of Congress

posted on 01/12/2015

Anything signed by or in the hand of Meriwether Lewis is a great rarity.  The renowned explorer and aide to Thomas Jefferson was tasked by our third President to find the most direct, accessible route to the Pacific and made the years-long trip, returning with tales of a new frontier, having sent back scientific specimens and captivating accounts of his journey.  But he died young, and left behind few manuscripts, of which just a small number have reached the market.  We have carried two of t

Raab on the BBC

posted on 01/07/2015
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Nathan Raab, a "historical document and autograph expert," was interviewed on the historical document trade in the United States for BBC Radio's "Front Row," in a segment headlined by actor Steve Carell