Raab Launches “Be Inspired” Campaign

The Raab Collection announced today that is has launched its “Be Inspired” campaign, highlighting individual moments of inspiration, innovation, and victory in history.

“For those of who love and appreciate original history, it is a source of not only education but also motivation,” said Nathan Raab.  “We draw our drive from the pen of Lincoln, the words of Dr. King, the character of Churchill.  This is all the more case during times of trial and uncertainty.”

Dive deeper into Raab’s latest acquisitions with an eye toward the unique and aspirational role they play and share your stories of inspiration with us.

Experience history in a new and inspiring way

Emotion – Looking at an autograph, there is a stirring within you, a deep swell of emotion. A Winston Churchill letter from 1940, when Britain stood alone and only he stood between survival and defeat. A document recognizing the new State of Israel, signed by Harry Truman. A George Washington letter from Valley Forge: an overwhelming sensation that enriched his life.

Power – There is power in identifying with people you admire. They have sterling character traits that we seek to emulate or wish we could. They achieved great deeds, spoke great words, took courageous stands or actions. When you hold a letter from such a person in your hand, you can almost feel the person’s presence. They are there with you, and you bask in the glow of that association and gain strength from it.

Vision and Innovation – The person you admire is a visionary, or paints a vision, or shows you a reality, that causes you to think about life and the world in a way you had never before. The awe of how much before their time they were and how they inspire us to be better, to move into action, to improve our lives.

Inspiration – We seek people that are inspirational, that make us aspire. John F. Kennedy, asking us what we can do for our country. Thomas Jefferson, writing “That these United Colonies are, and of right ought to be, free and independent States.”

Bravery & Leadership

Winston Churchill in 1941: How We Won the Battle of Britain

No one exemplifies the spirit of courage in the face of seemingly insurmountable odds more than Churchill. This letter exemplifies that spirit and encourages us to look to our own fortitude.



A Newly Discovered Drawing of a Light Bulb by Thomas Edison, the Only One Fully Signed We Have Found Having Reached the Market, Never Before Offered for Sale

Edison’s discovery of the light bulb turned night into day.  People no longer huddled by candles at night but rather their homes were connected to a power source that, combined with the incandescent bulb, gave them hours of light at night. This document is a monument to that work.



Albert Einstein’s Warning to American Jews: Do Not Be Complacent, But Actively Combat Fascism and Discrimination In America Now While It is Not Too Late

Einstein’s vision transcended science. He spent later years of his life helping Jews escape the Nazi scourge in Europe and reflecting on what had happened to his once-beloved country.  This letter shows us that analytical mind and his strong feeling about the lessons of the 20th century.


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