George Washington Week

Welcome to George Washington Week, a celebration of the life, times, and figures of our nation’s first president. The event kicks off Presidents’ Day.  Come back to this page, where, throughout the week, new content will be posted.

Learn about the discovery a previously unknown letter of George Washington.
Listen to Nathan & Steven on the hunt for documents of George Washington
Browse an evolving online exhibit of documents from the Era of Washington
Read guest insights and interviews

The Papers of George Washington: The Hunt for Washington

“The discovery of previously unknown documents in George Washington’s correspondence is an exciting aspect of serving as an editor of his papers.” Learn more about the hunt for other hidden Washington treasures and their own detective work from Drs. Garbooshian-Huggins & Huggins at the Washington Papers Project at the University of Virginia.

Washington’s Deathbed Account in the Hand of Tobias Lear: From Lee Arnold, Librarian Emeritus, The Historical Society of Pennsylvania

Raab’s most recent historical discovery is signed by Washington and in the hand of Tobias Lear, whose relationship with Washington was close and important. Read about another great document connecting the two men: the account of Washington’s death by Lear, who was present as Washington took his last breath, told to us by Lee Arnold, librarian emeritus, The Historical Society of Pennsylvania.

George Washington Week with Judy Guston at the Rosenbach Museum & Library

We sat down with Judy Guston, Curator and Senior Director of Collections at the Rosenbach Museum & Library, to talk George Washington, Dr. Rosenbach, and our world of historical documents. Below are excepts from that wide ranging conversation, which are presented in short, shareable form. You can also share directly from our Instagram page.


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