George Washington Week with Judy Guston at the Rosenbach Museum & Library

We sat down with Judy Guston, Curator and Senior Director of Collections at the Rosenbach Museum & Library, to talk George Washington, Dr. Rosenbach, and our world of historical documents. Below are excepts from that wide ranging conversation, which are presented in short, shareable form.  You can also share directly from our Instagram page.

We are encourage our visitors to browse the Rosenbach Collection here:  Manuscripts Online, or MO.  And to learn about its upcoming exhibits and events.

The remarkable survival of a 1749 letter of 17-year-old George Washington, acquired by Dr. ASW Rosenbach, which remains the earliest letter of Washington to have reached the market and perhaps the earliest survival anywhere.

How Dr. Rosenbach helped build major collections and libraries, including the Widener Library at Harvard

What it was like to be an autograph dealer before 1950, including early sales to Harvard’s Widener Library

The story of the original manuscript of Alice in Wonderland & some other Rosenbach gems

Join the Rosenbach podcast community & learn about an upcoming exhibit

Clip 7: The Rosenbach’s youth-age letters of Thomas Jefferson

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