Library of Congress Acquires American Red Cross Archive from Raab

Generations ago, Clara Barton decided to keep some founding documents from her work establishing the Red Cross in the United States, a remarkable archive passed down to her heirs. Some are unpublished. This archive had remained with the Barton heirs until it was acquired by Raab.

Often our customers are curious where such archives or individual documents land. So where is this Barton family archive now? It has been acquired from us by the Library of Congress, a fact the Library has given its assent to disclose. It joins other gems owned by the Library from Barton’s life and career, including the Papers of Clara Barton, which you can peruse here on the Library’s site:

You can read more about the depth and nature of the archive most recently acquired by the Library here:

Over the past decades, Raab has discovered and sold some of the most important archives and documents worldwide, and counts among its clients not only the esteemed Huntington Library, but the Library of Congress, Harvard, Yale, & Princeton Universities, the Massachusetts Historical Society, the British Library, and many other collecting institutions, as well as a generation of serious private collectors. Raab founders have served on the boards of institutions from the Rosenbach Library to the Historical Society of Pennsylvania to educational boards.

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