Release: William Herschel’s Diploma for the Discovery of Uranus

The Raab Collection announced today that it has acquired and will offer for sale the diploma issued to scientist and astronomer William Herschel for his discovery of the planet of Uranus, the only planet in our solar system discovered in the modern age. The document, issued by the University of Glasgow and signed by leaders of the Scottish Enlightenment, remains in its original case, with the red seal present. It is valued at $50,000 and has been in the same private collection for nearly a century.

Full historical background

The diploma nestled inside its original case as received by Herschel himself

Herschel’s is the only discovery of a planet in our solar system since the ancient Babylonians; The awarding institution, the University of Glasgow, was part of the Scottish Enlightenment of the 18th century.

The diploma, written in Latin, reads of Herschel: “For who, by the aid of the most excellent telescope, such as he himself first fashioned, the scattered rays of light spread through the vast void… and who not only found the most previously known planets, but also investigated and revealed a new primary and farthest planet, and several secondary ones, unknown to humans from the present world, each one in the Milky War, explored and explained…”

The wax seal still firmly attached to the vellum

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The signers include prominent men from the Scottish enlightenment

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