Raab Acquires Rare Prints

A Newly Discovered Collection of Early American Imprints, Including Rare Broadsides and Some of the Earliest Printed Abolitionist Works in the United States

An acquisition and unveiling by Raab

James Moon, a prominent Pennsylvania Quaker whose ancestor had come over with William Penn in the 1680s, spearheaded an effort to end the practice of slavery in Pennsylvania in the 1780s.  Moon retained some early American imprints on the Revolutionary War and abolition, including works from the 1750s, in their original condition, first editions printed in the US; a rare broadside from the weeks after the Battle of Bunker Hill in 1775; an anti-slavery broadside from 1789 signed in print by B. Franklin. These copies were not known to exist prior to our acquisition and have never before reached the public market. For one week, this newly discovered material will be on display in our office. Contact us to arrange to view the material.

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