Raab Acquires Large Historical Document Collection

Including Simon Wolf’s Appointment to the Government of Egypt

PHILADELPHIA — February 5, 2018

The Raab Collection announced today that it has acquired a large and important collection of 40 historical documents, which includes:

– The original appointment of Simon Wolf, the foremost American Jewish activist of the 19th century, to the Ambassadorship of Egypt;

– An early Florida appointment signed by President James Monroe and Secretary of State John Quincy Adams

– An appointment of the Governor of the Panama Canal Zone, signed by FDR;

– A document of William Henry Harrison implementing the Treaty of Greenville;

– An extensive collection of presidential whaling passports;

– A signed oath of office of Ronald Reagan.

The Wolf appointment, signed by Chester Arthur, is perhaps the earliest surviving senior appointment of a practicing Jew by an American President. On presenting his credentials pursuant to this very document, Wolf wrote, “There was one dominant feeling prevailing and that was the thought of my dear mother and struggles we had in the land of my birth and I was overwhelmed to think that now I was the accredited representative of the Great Republic of the West to the land of my forefathers, typifying in the highest degree the possibilities and opportunities of our country.”

Every day, heirs to large collection, as well as descendants retaining their family legacies, come to Raab to find new homes for their historical treasures.

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