“I’ve never seen anything like it” – A deep dive on BYU Radio of Mikulec’s epic travel Journal

Listen to BYU radio’s episode here:

Nathan Raab joined BYU radio’s Constant Wonder, along with other experts, to discuss the journey of Joseph Mikulec, the man who walked around the world collecting the witnesses of the rich and famous and giving us the most diverse and fascinating survey of a generation, through the eyes of a immigrant, one who could scarcely read growing up.

The collection is the largest such log ever assembled, now offered for sale at Raab.

Mikulec traveled hundreds of thousands of miles, to every Continent except Antarctica, met tens of thousands who inscribed their thoughts and words to the world traveler, from world leaders to local merchants, from Theodore Roosevelt to the insurance salesman in Topeka to monarchs and leaders everywhere.

Listen to BYU radio’s episode here.

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