Guest Curator: Grammy Award Winning Musician, Songwriter, Producer Ryan Tedder

The Raab Guest Curator Initiative offers noted scholars, celebrities, and collectors the opportunity to select pieces from The Raab Collection and curate their own exhibits of historical documents that speak to them.

Ryan Tedder is a three time Grammy Award winner, world-renowned singer, songwriter, musician, record producer, and vocalist for the pop rock band OneRepublic.  He is among the most prominent and accomplished musicians of his generation.  And he is inspired by history.  Join us as he takes us on a personal tour of his curated exhibit at The Raab Collection.

An Exhibit Curated by Ryan Tedder:  Science, Leadership, and Inspiration on Display


In a Detailed and Unpublished Letter on Classical and Quantum Physics, Albert Einstein Issues a Treatise – A Scientific Explanation – For His Famous Statement That God Does Not Play Dice

“Any letter, note or photo that not only is from one of the titans of science and invention, but also has one of his famous quotes or observations creates context and value over time, and quite frankly, is just more interesting to look at.”


Napoleon Signs and Seals an Ornate Baronial Appointment of One of His Most Heroic and Loyal Generals

“I have a very rare and beautiful document/decree from Napoleon giving a promotion to one of his favorite soldiers at the height of his power, with the official seal of Italy included.  Naturally I am inclined towards this piece.  I love historical documents because they take figures that almost feel ‘fictional’ or fantasy from all the stories you hear growing up and history classes at school and actually bring them into reality.  Documents like this make Napoleon a REAL person, and it’s still almost inconceivable that you can own anything autographed by him.  This one is a beauty and special.”


Just Weeks After Being Released From a British Jail, Gandhi Thanks a Supporter Who Had Called Him the World’s Foremost Statesman

“Anyone who knows Gandhi’s story knows, like many revolutionaries, he spent some time in jail. This letter brings context to that time and is signed and written right after his release. Pieces like this are amazing to me because it is actually very affordable and a speaks to an important moment in time, signed by one of the most famous figures in modern history.  Who doesn’t want a letter from Gandhi?  The ultimate conversation piece when you have people over for dinner!”


George Washington’s Impassioned Plea to Americans in 1776: Rally to the Patriotic Cause and “to the cause of American liberty”

“This letter is currently my absolute favorite piece in the Raab Collection.  I have a handwritten letter from George Washington, written in 1790 during his presidency, from Mount Vernon, and it’s one of my favorite pieces and an endless conversation starter.  The context of this letter from 1776, however, surpasses anything; it’s Washington making a plea to all Americans to stand up and fight Great Britain, during the height of the Revolutionary War… it doesn’t get more relevant, inspirational, or valuable than that.”


Rare Abraham Lincoln Signed Mathew Brady CDV: Provenance the Lincoln Descendants

“I collected baseball cards as a kid and I still own around 7500, some are signed.  Nothing, NOTHING in the world beats an official autographed Abraham Lincoln photograph.  One of my most prized possessions is a handwritten Lincoln letter on official “Executive Mansion” letterhead from Lincoln to Secretary of War Stanton.  I also have a tiny photograph of the president, so clearly I’m a fan.  This signed photograph tops everything.”


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