Washington, Adams, Lincoln Letters: Documents That Found Homes

A Great Collection, Built on the Pillars of the American Presidency

So often important documents carried by Raab come and go without notice, spectacular pieces of history joining major private or public collections, individual or institutional. For decades, we have helped to build world-class collections of historical documents. 

For example, some of our documents quietly go to clients aspiring to build collections of American presidential letters. What we offer them is not only of the highest quality, but often fresh to market–discoveries that came to light through our diligent research and our extensive relationships with historic families and private collectors. 

Recently one of our clients purchased three letters from us, joining an existing great collection. Any of which would be considered a high spot of Americana.  

George Washington

An extraordinarily rare letter from George Washington to Alexander Hamilton written in 1783, discussing the post-war “Peace Establishment,” the need for a standing army, the location of the nation’s capital, and Indian affairs. Our research found only three other letters from Washington to Hamilton have reached the market in a century. 

John Adams

This John Adams-signed letter of January 1, 1801 called the Senate into session for the inauguration of Thomas Jefferson, thus constituting the first peaceful transfer of power from one political party to another in the United States. Only the second such document to be offered for sale in a century, this one had been in the same private collection for generations. 

Abraham Lincoln

A newly discovered, unpublished Abraham Lincoln letter from 1864, is remarkable for many reasons, including its content: advocating for the promotion of a Jewish soldier to lead Black troops during the Civil War. This letter was acquired from the descendants of the recipient and had never before been offered for sale. 

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