Delivery Specifications

– You must contact us to ensure the office will be open to receive a package

– Set all shipments for morning delivery

– Please ensure that a signature is required with your delivery, regardless of the method of shipment

– We strongly prefer to receive packages via Fedex. When choosing Fedex or UPS, please notify us in advance and a mailing address will be provided to you

– If opting to ship via USPS, please ship to P.O. Box 471. Ardmore, PA 19003

– Email all tracking numbers at the time of shipment

Packaging Recommendations

These are recommendations. It is up to you to ensure that the document is safely packaged.

Framed Documents

Please consult us when sending framed pieces, as we might request the item removed from the frame, but if you are inexperienced at safely shipping framed items, you may choose to have Fedex or UPS wrap it for you.

Unframed Documents

The goal is to keep your document (s) confined inside a plastic sleeve and unable to move during the shipment, affixed to a firm board.  So, place your document in a plastic sleeve (preferably thick plastic – Staples sells 4mm archival plastic sleeves), sealing all angles if it looks like it might move. Additionally, insert your document into a firm folder, covering the front and back. Alternatively, once in the plastic sleeve tape the document against cardboard, so that it cannot move or bend. If you choose, you can wrap with bubble-wrap or foam padding, and place in a shipping box. If any space remains,  fill with additional padding to ensure your document does not move inside the box when in transition.

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