If you are shipping via the United States Postal Service, ship to:

PO Box 471, Ardmore, PA 19003.

You must require a signature on delivery.

Please follow the below instructions to ship your historical document (s) to The Raab Collection when not by United States Postal Service.

  • – Fedex is strongly preferred but not required.
  • – Ensure morning delivery.  With Fedex, it is referred to as “Priority Overnight.”  This ensures delivery by 1030AM in most cases.
  • – You must require a signature on delivery.
  • –  If you can drop off at a location, get a receipt.
  • – Please send us a tracking number.

For packaging your pieces, if you are doing this yourself, follow the below general guidelines:

  • – If framed, protect via bullet wrap, packing peanuts, or both.
  • – If unframed, ideally you will pack in a plastic sleeve between cardboard or some other firm element, such that it does not move.
  • – The key is to make sure the piece does not move during transit and is in a safe environment.

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