Harry Truman

The plain-speaking president whose leadership seems to be better appreciated with each passing year. Among the more actively sought autographs of Truman are those that demonstrate his tenacious spirit and deal with major crises during his term as President.

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About Collecting Harry Truman Autographs

Harry Truman had a very substantial correspondence throughout his life, and although typed letters were the rule, he wrote many more ALS's than either his immediate predecessors or successors. He always avoided having secretaries sign for him which simplifies authentication. His own letters have a very distinctive, salty and blunt tone to them that cannot be easily imitated. Moreover, to a greater extent than other modern era presidents, Truman seems to have preferred to handle most of his own correspondence. The content of his letters can be very good indeed and some of them are lengthy. Truman’s signature changed quite a bit over the last decade of his life.

Truman was under attack throughout his presidency, as the country struggled with post-war economic crises and then the war in Korea. He left office with low popularity. However, the years have been very kind to him, as more and more people came to respect his plain-spoken honesty. He is much more popular now than he ever was in the White House.