Grover Cleveland

He was the only Democrat elected to the presidency in the era 1860-1912. His handwriting in his autograph letters signed is very small; his style is direct and the content thorough.

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About Collecting Grover Cleveland Autographs

Grover Cleveland was a willing and generous correspondent, and until his inauguration wrote virtually all of his own letters. He continued this practice during his first term, though occasionally using secretaries when he was burdened with work. He was the first president to make regular use of a typewriter, and typed letters are mixed with his own handwritten ones during his second term and afterwards. However, Cleveland was the last president to predominantly write out his letters by hand. Soon, doing so would be a lost art. His correspondence was a throwback to some of his early predecessors in that the letters were wide-ranging, were often lengthy, and could be very content-laden.

Cleveland’s letters are written in a tiny hand, sometimes hard to decipher, an oddity considering how big the man was physically. Another oddity is that in the early and mid-20th century, Cleveland’s reputation for reform and integrity placed him on most people’s lists of very good presidents, but he seems now somewhat forgotten.