You are Part of the Process of Historical Discovery

We and our clients are on the forefront of finding, researching, and preserving history, and the in process make a valuable contribution to the process of passing history on to the next generation.  When you are enjoying your collection, do not forget that it is because of collectors like you that the Library of Congress has many of its great treasures, that many documents on display at major national institutions are thanks to the philanthropy of private collectors and that your care over your historical treasures means that they will last longer and be better appreciated.

The last catalog exemplifies this. As a result of private collectors purchases:

– A newly discovered document of Samuel Adams will go on display at the National Constitution Center;

– An unpublished letter of George Washington has been located and the Papers of George Washington now knows it exists;

– A letter of Millard Fillmore to Daniel Webster is joining a private collection that is on display within a local community;

– A letter of William Herndon discussing Abraham Lincoln’s religion generated a nationwide debate;

A letter of James Madison, after much research and help from the Papers of James Madison, has been located and its content better understood.

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