Relationships That Changed History: Raab to Offer for Sale Important Historical Documents Signed by Great Couples in History

PHILADELPHIA, PA – The Raab Collection, the nation’s leading dealer in important historical documents, announced today that it will be unveiling and offering for sale unpublished and never-before-exhibited historical documents signed by the great couples in history.  The unveiling of these important artifacts, valued at more than $150,000, will be timed for Valentines Day weekend.  They are being offered individually.

Karen Pearlman Raab: “These relationships changed history.”

The documents offer a unique and compelling glimpse into some of the most well known and historically important couples in history:  King Louis and Marie Antoinette (who went to the guillotine); Napoleon and Josephine Bonaparte; the Kennedys; John and Abigail Adams; Winston and Clementine Churchill. Many of the documents have been in private collections for generations and are either unpublished or have never been displayed publicly before.

“These remarkable and rare artifacts are a reminder of the great and influential roles played by the great couples in history,” said Karen Pearlman Raab of The Raab Collection.  “These relationships changed history.”

Among the pieces:

King Louis and Marie Antoinette A marriage document signed by King Louis and Marie Antoinette, who were sent to the guillotine. Six of the signers on this document ruled as Queen or King of France; Three of them died at the Guillotine.  $25,000

Napoleon and Josephine The marriage contract for one of Napoleonic France’s most important weddings, signed by Napoleon, Josephine, and the entire First Family.  $16,000

Ferdinand and Isabella In 1504, the Queen orders a decoration for the bed of the King.  $10,000

Winston and Clementine Churchill The gift that Winston Churchill sent a girl in honor of his wedding in 1908: a signed photograph.  $8,000

John and Abigail Adams An important letter of President John Adams on the patriotism of Americans.  $42,000 An emotional letter of Abigail Adams attesting to the personal relationships of the Adams family.  $15,000

The Kennedys – JFK and his wife, Jackie, as well as Robert and his wife, Ethel, brought glamour to American politics.

Robert F. Kennedy’s gift to his Groomsmen at his wedding.  $17,000 An important letter of John Kennedy mentioning Jackie and his love of the arts.  $14,000 A letter of Jacquline Kennedy mentioning John after his assassination.  $1,300


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