Raab Sells John Adams Letter Presaging His Famous Definition of the American Revolution

Each day, The Raab Collection buys and sells important pieces of history. Today, Raab announced the acquisition and sale of one such historical document. You can learn more about the document below. Sold to a private collector.

Presaging His Famous Definition of the American Revolution, John Adams Declares He Welcomed British Malice in the Lead Up to American Independence, So As to Turn the Hearts and Minds of Americans Against the Mother Country

He writes Elbridge Gerry, a fellow signer of the Declaration of Independence and then Vice President: “Five and forty years ago, when any terrible news arrived from England of their hostile designs against our Liberties, when the people gaping and staring, pale and trembling asked me, ‘What I thought of the News,’ my invariable answer was, ‘The worse, the better.’ Nothing ever did arouse this People, but the last and extremest expression and exertion of the Contempt, the malice and vengeance of Great Britain…”

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