Raab Selling Unpublished Jailhouse Letters of Wild West Outlaws Jim & Cole Younger

Raab Selling Unpublished Jailhouse Letters of Wild West Outlaws Jim and Cole Younger

The finest and rarest collection of western outlaw material offered in decades

You can review the archive at its full description page.

Raab announced today that it is offering for sale a large archive of letters from Jim and Cole Younger, offered for sale for the first time. The letters, which were written from prison, are all to a love interest of Jim Younger. There are 31 letters from Cole Younger, 46 letters from Jim Younger, over a dozen poems and drawings by Jim, 44 letters of others, and innumerable other items. Letters of these men are not common, particularly those of Jim, of which only 3 appear in public sale records. The price is $360,000 for the unpublished group.

Provenance: the descendants of the recipient and never before offered for sale

Thomas Coleman “Cole” Younger and his brothers Jim and Bob have entered legend as outlaws who joined forces with the notorious Jesse and Frank James to rob banks and trains in the period following the Civil War. The James–Younger Gang became the most storied of the 19th-century gangs of the West. They were accused or were implicated in about 20 robberies and murders during its spree from 1866-1876.

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