Raab in the Press: Winston Churchill Week 

Our Churchill discoveries received global media attention last week

The Daily Mail: Churchill’s Original Signed Letter to Well-Wishers After Britain’s Victory…

England’s Daily Mail spotlighted Winston Churchill’s original signed letter to the British people, expressing his gratitude for all the many letters of thanks he had received from far and away. Written just after World War II ended in 1945, it was the work of a man who “has been praised by many historians for refusing to do a peace deal with Hitler when one was offered in 1940” and then helped to maintain British morale” throughout the war.  

The Epoch Times: “Something We’ve Never Seen Before: Rare WWII Artifact Going for $100,000

Author and podcaster Dustin Bass takes a deep dive into the history behind a unique photograph signed by both Franklin D. Roosevelt, Eleanor Roosevelt, and Winston Churchill, recently discovered by The Raab Collection and now offered for sale. The photo was brought to America by a British steel worker, who collected the autographs during a 1943 mission to promote unity between the two nations. Bass interviewed Nathan Raab about the relic: “It’s basically been lost to history … We’ve never seen Churchill together with FDR and Eleanor with the dominant Atlantic alliance team of that era. I’ve never seen that combination of signatures and I don’t expect to again.” 

Both of these historical documents were also featured in: 

The Times of Israel: Original Churchill World War II victory letter goes on sale for $200,000

Fine Books & Collections: Newly Discovered World War II Document Signed by FDR and Winston Churchill

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