Raab in the Press: Einstein’s Letter on the Bible and the Creation Story

Albert Einstein’s 1950 letter to Jewish students advises that a scientist cannot believe in the biblical version of creation


Last week, The Raab Collection announced that it had acquired and was offering for sale for the first time ever publicly Albert Einstein’s great letter on the biblical version of creation. The April 11, 1950 letter was written to a group of students, whose teacher had contacted the great scientist on their behalf. In it, Einstein states that a person of science could not believe in the Genesis version of creation and confirms his belief that science “replaces and supersedes it.”

Interest in the letter prompted news all over the world. An article produced by the Religion News Service was published in several outlets, including MSN, the Salt Lake Tribune, and the Washington Post

Einstein Letter in Washington Post
The Washington Post, July 20, 2023

Internationally, the Daily Mail, the Jewish Chronicle, and the Jerusalem Post, featured the letter: 

Einstein Letter in Jerusalem Post
The Jerusalem Post, July 21, 2023

Several other news organizations also reported on the letter, including Art Daily, Forward, LiveScience, Tech Times, and Yahoo!:

Einstein Letter in Yahoo
Yahoo!, July 21, 2023

The letter has since been sold to an American collector for $125,000. To learn more about Einstein autographs, please visit our Einstein page.  

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