Raab in the Press: Roosevelt and the Nature Fakers

Listen to an interview with Nathan Raab about an important letter of Theodore Roosevelt.

Over the Earth Day weekend, WAMC Northeast Public Radio interviewed Raab, principal at The Raab Collection and author of The Hunt for History, about Theodore Roosevelt and the ‘Nature Fakers’ controversy.

A recently acquired letter from Roosevelt to the nature writer John Burroughs, written in 1907, references a larger cultural debate about whether animal behavior is learned or instinctual. The president thanks Burroughs for defending him in print from factions that tried to cast doubt on Roosevelt’s reputation as a nature lover. 

Another letter at Raab from Roosevelt to Burroughs, written in 1903, shows that this had been a continuing topic of conversation between the two friends. 

The full text of the segment “Letter sheds light on President Theodore Roosevelt’s views during Nature Fakers Controversy,” is online at WAMC

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