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This is the last thing JFK signed in the Oval Office before he was assassinated

By Chuck Johnston, CNN

(CNN)It’s a black and white portrait photograph of John F. Kennedy. Underneath it, a handwritten message:

“To Ambassador Estes — With esteem and very warm regards, John F Kennedy.” The document is believed to be the last thing President Kennedy signed in the Oval Office before he left on his fateful trip to Dallas. The photograph is now for sale at $80,000, according to the Raab Collection, which is hosting the sale.

The photo was signed on November 21, 1963 and was intended for Thomas Estes, the ambassador to Burkina Faso, who attended the final meeting President Kennedy held in the Oval Office.

The original photograph, given just before JFK left the White House for the last time

Estes recalled arriving at the White House on the morning of November 21 and playing with the President’s son, John-John, while he awaited the meeting with the President. Estes entered the Oval Office and received the signed photograph. He then briefed the President on affairs in Burkina Faso.

After the meeting ended, Kennedy left the Oval Office at 10:50 a.m. to helicopter over to Andrews Air Force Base.

He would then fly to San Antonio, Texas.

The next morning, in Dallas, he was assassinated.

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